My Philosophy

My Philosophy

What I believe

I believe that it’s never too late to start working on your fitness, that the scale is not the end-all-be-all measurement of success or that being healthy and fit has a particular size. I believe that consistency and dedication lead to success, not quick fixes and fad diets.

MY Why

I want people to believe in themselves and have confidence in their physical abilities. I see absolutely no reason why people cannot lead longer, happier, healthier, independent lives. Some people just don’t know where or how to begin, or they have tried, but feel embarrassed or intimidated stepping into a gym where seemingly everyone knows exactly what they are doing. That feeling of inadequacy can stop even the best-intentioned people who are motivated but lack support. I want to be that support by establishing a sensible fitness plan that meets individual needs and personal goals, educating clients on proper form and technique to reduce the risk of injury, and by holding clients accountable in a positive, encouraging, motivating way that will build their courage and confidence.

MY focus and approach

Although there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to become a body builder with huge muscles and amazing strength, my focus is on helping the average person stay functionally fit and be able to enjoy activities and complete everyday tasks with ease.

When it comes to creating fitness programs, whether the element is strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, agility, or flexibility, I will never ask a client to do something that I wouldn’t do myself if I were at the same fitness level as the client.

What you can expect

• questions regarding your lifestyle and behaviors as well as medical/health history
• body composition and fitness assessments
• a personalized training program that allows for modifications and progression
• goal setting and accountability
• personal integrity and professionalism